This product is extremely effective at removing the grittiest, greasiest, grimiest soils from your tile and grout without the need for harsh acids.  Use TileSafe Cleaner-Degreaser to prepare your floors for TileSafe Tile and Tub Treatment.  After floors are treated, use TileSafe Tile Cleaner-Degreaser to maintain maximum slip resistance and the cleanest floors possible.

TileSafe Cleaner-Degreaser is specifically designed to extend slip-fall accident reduction on wet ceramic or natural stone tile surfaces previously treated with TileSafe Slip-Resistant Tile Treatment. This is a maintenance cleaning product.  It is a safe, all-purpose cleaner.  This product is restaurant cleaning strength for emulsifying oily-greasy conditions.  This product is mildly acidic, non-alkaline, and leaves no film.  This product can be used on surfaces that are not harmed by water.

Application Information

Use 3 ounces of product per 1/2 mop bucket for normal soil and 5 ounces for heavily soiled surfaces.  For general purpose cleaning, add 2 ounces of product to a 24 ounce spray bottle filled with water.  If used on a food contact surface, rinse with clean water This product is designed as a Slip-Fall Maintenance Program on floor surfaces previously treated with TileSafe Slip-Resistant Tile and Tub Treatment.

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