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Our products are designed to help business owners and homeowners minimize the risk of falls, while improving the appearance and cleanliness of tile and stone surfaces.

By applying our Slip Resistant Tile and Tub Treatment, and extending its effectiveness by maintenance with our Cleaner-Degreaser, floors are kept less slippery and cleaner than in an untreated condition.  Our Shower Scrub restores fiberglass tubs and showers to a slip-resistant, scum free cleanliness

TileSafe Product Highlights:

  • Easy to apply-Mop or rinse off.
  • No coating-nothing to wear off.
  • Creates tread-like sure footing.
  • Harmless to surface.
  • Economical low cost protection.
  • Reduces insurance and litigation expenses.
  • Environmentally safe-non-toxic-odorless.
  • Will not alter the appearance of tile or grout.
  • Invisible to the naked eye.

Our products are designed to help Business Owners-Industry-Homeowners minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents while improving the appearance of ceramic tile and natural stone floor surfaces.

By applying our Slip Resistant Tile and Tub Treatment, and with the use of our Cleaner-Degreaser or Shower Scrub cleaning maintenance procedures we provide a slip-fall accident prevention program that assures the utmost safety standards and peace of mind.


Businesses which invite public access must manage slip and fall risks as a cost of operation.

Many businesses use insurance as a way to manage slip and fall liability.

In the long term, insurance is simply a cash management tool.

Insurance is not a risk reduction tool.

TileSafe can help reduce your window of risk for slip and fall liability.
Reducing claims results in:

   better cash management;
   lower insurance premiums; and
   a healthy bottom line.

This one-time application “mop on-rinse off” chemical solution, leaves an invisible “tread like" pattern, or “footprint", on ceramic tile and other hard mineral materials.

Companion products have been developed to enhance TileSafe, as the eminent name in slip-fall accident protection.

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