What is the Tile and Tub Treament?
  • TileSafe Slip-Resistant Tile and Tub Treatment is a mop-on rinse-off solution that microscopically treads the surface of ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, concrete and other natural stone surfaces to help prevent slippery conditions on wet floors.

  How is it applied?
  • There is no special equipment needed to apply the tile treatment.  You will need a clean yarn mop and a bucket.  Pour the treatment into the bucket and mop on liberally to a small test area.  With firm foot pressure, test the surface slip resistance.  The resistance should be dramatic with-in 2 to 5 minutes (4 to 8 minutes for porcelain or fiberglass) depending on the type of surface.  Thoroughly rinse solution off the tile with clean water.  Treat the remaining area in sections that can be mopped and rinsed clean of the solution in the same time frame as the test area.
  • For a bathtub, you will need a nylon bristle brush.  Close the drain and pour in approximately 6 oz. of treatment.  With the brush, pull the treatment to the upper end of the bathtub as the slope will cause the treatment to pool at the lower end.  Keep the bottom of the bathtub covered with treatment for 4 to 8 minutes.  With firm hand or foot pressure, test the surface slip resistance.  There should be a dramatic resistance.  Thoroughly rinse solution out of the tub with clean water.

  Is the treatment solution dangerous?
  • No, the Tile Treatment solution is odorless, Non-Toxic, and environmentally safe.  It is actually less offensive than ordinary household bleach.  As with all chemicals, we recommend that you handle them with care and keep out of reach of children.

  How often should the Tile and Tub Treatment be applied?
  • We recommend re-treatment every 14 months.  Housekeeping maintenance is important.  A dirty, wet surface will not afford maximum slip-resistance and accident protection.  Housekeeping with TileSafes Cleaner-Degreaser and Shower Scrub Products assures long-term slip-fall accident protection.

  Will the treament damage tile or grout?
  • No.  Extensive research and testing to eliminate any harmful effects to tile and grout was conducted prior to McDonald's restaurants own testing and initial applications in 1997.  McDonald's continues to be the largest user of our products.

  Will the floor be harder to clean and maintain?
  • No.  There is no treatment solution left on the treated tile surface.  It is rinsed clean.  There is no 'coating' to peel or collect dirt.  Normal housekeep maintenance is required.  We recommend our Cleaner-Degreaser as it is a superior product competitively priced.

  What is the coverage?

A gallon will cover:

  • Approximately 200 square feet.
  • 10 bathtubs.
  • 2 to 3 rooms (bathtub and tile) - we recommend that you treat both bathtub and tile to help prevent slips and falls when exiting a tub.

  Will the treated tile look or feel different?
  • No.  There will be no discernable appearance change on the treated tile.  On a high-gloss surface such as marble there could be a slight matting look.  The choice here is safety versus appearance.